In Cyprus, there are Helplines that provide information, guidance and/or counselling on addictive substances matters. They also make it possible for the individual or family to be referred to structures and programs that can ask for specialized assistance.

Helplines providing the following services:

Cyprus National Addictions Authority
Information and Help Line: 1402

More specifically, the helpline handles a wide range of issues related to dependence on licit and / or illicit addictive substances, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Information on substances
  • Treatment programs operating in Cyprus
  • Overdose management
  • Harm reduction measures provided in Cyprus
  • Crisis management related to substance use
  • Information on other related topics, such as legislation on drug screening tests, the Cyprus Treatment of Accused Drug Users or Addicts Act, the protocol for the referral of the youth under arrest, the prevention programs, the cannabis issue and the economic assistance plan in terms of social reintegration.

The STOHOS Program officers operate this helpline. The Helpline working hours are: Monday-Friday: 8:00–22:00 and Weekends 15:00-22:00


Problematic Gambling: 

Helpline Number: 1422

Consulting Centre for Teenagers and Families “PERSEAS”
Helpline Number: 1456

Youth Board of Cyprus
Helpline Number: 1410

Drugs Law Enforcement Unit, Cyprus Police
Helpline Number: 1498

Toll-free Smoking Cessation Helpline
Helpline Number: 1431

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