President’s welcome message

Dear fellows,

I welcome you to the website of the Cyprus National Addictions Authority.

Due to the multidimensional nature of use and dependence, new challenges in the field of addictions are constantly emerging. Therefore, the goal of NAAC is to constantly adapt to the new status quo, aiming to provide valid, timely and scientifically documented information to professionals, people with addiction issues, parents and youth.

The measures and interventions promoted are included in Cyprus’s National Strategy for Addressing Dependence on Illicit Substances and the Harmful Use of Alcohol 2013 - 2020, as well as in the Action Plan 2017 - 2020.

The governmental commitment to implement the measures set forth under the rubric of the National Strategy should be taken for granted. We believe that beyond the government’s  capabilities and limitations, especially in the face of today's realities, it is crucial that everyone involved - whether directly or indirectly - be united in a strong social front. We all have a responsibility to fight for life, to fight with scientific knowledge so that the handling of this phenomenon is as dynamic as possible.

The top priority of the National Addictions Authority is still the fight against the associated stigma within Cypriot society, so that drug use and dependence be tackled within the context of public health rather than in the sphere of criminal justice.

Dear website visitors, stay in touch with us to receive updates on NAAC’s programs and actions, as well as to communicate your ideas to help make us better at what we do.

The Authority’s vision is that our children and youth will be closer to healthy lifestyles, away from addictions.

Closer to true ways of living, far from addictions.


Dr. Chrysanthos Georgiou
President of Management Board

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