The modernisation of the legislation governing the operation of the Cyprus Addictions Authority expands its scope of authority to include smoking. Starting with a philosophy of prevention, which drifts apart from substances and focuses on environmental factors, NAAC has always been actively involved in the National Committee for Tobacco Control, while at the same time, it has also taken preventive actions for tobacco, in the National Strategy on Drugs and the Harmful Use of Alcohol 2013-2020. These actions aim at changing the close individual, social, and economic environment, creating an environment that discourages any kind of use.

NAAC strongly supported the amendment of the existing legislation, aimed at its stricter and more effective enforcement, as research shows that strict enforcement of the total ban on smoking in public places can significantly reduce tobacco consumption and motivate a large number of smokers to quit. NAAC stresses that protecting themselves against the effects of addictive substances and providing a smoke-free environment, is an indisputable right of every citizen, and therefore ensuring this right is not a personal responsibility, but an obligation of the State which can be achieved through collective efforts. The simultaneous involvement of all Ministries, bodies, organisations, as well as civil society, in protecting the right of every citizen to a smoke-free environment, should be an essential priority, since the unintentional exposure to cigarette smoke (a powerful mixture of poisons, toxins, and carcinogens) leads to serious health problems and even death.

Information on Smoking Cessation Programs:

The Smoking Cessation Programs offered by the Mental Health Services aim to inform, prevent and stop smoking in Cyprus. Any citizen interested in quitting smoking or in being informed about the health effects of smoking, can contact the Service through the toll-free line 1431. The line is answered by a secretary or the answering machine, where callers can report their details and the district from which they are calling. Officers of the smoking cessation programs will call you within a week to inform you about our programs and, if you wish, to set an appointment to start the smoking cessation program. Our programs offer group and individual interventions, as well as support for cessation through counseling and pharmaceutical intervention (through the use of nicotine patches).

 Cessation clinics are offered in the following districts:

  • Nicosia District
  • Limassol District
  • Paphos District
  • Larnaca District

 It is noted that efforts are underway to launch the programs in Famagusta District as well.

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