The Cyprus National Addictions Authority (NAAC) is the supreme coordinating body in the field of licit and illicit addictive substances and pathological gambling in Cyprus, and, since November 2017, has been the successor of the Cyprus Anti-Drugs Council (2000).

The NAAC is divided into two departments, the Policy Department and the Monitoring Department / National Documentation and Monitoring Centre for Drugs, and has the following responsibilities:

  • Planning and monitoring the implementation of the National Strategy on Illicit Substances Dependence and the Harmful Use of Alcohol 2013-2020,
  • Coordinating and monitoring all relevant measures and interventions,
  • Promoting legislative measures,
  • Promoting timely and scientifically documented information and enlightenment,
  • Authorizing measures, programs and interventions for prevention, treatment, harm reduction and social reintegration, as well as sponsoring licensed programs of non-governmental organisations,
  • Monitoring for the detection of any direct or indirect promotion or advertising of addictive substances use,
  • Developing cooperation with corresponding international and national Bodies / Organisations,
  • Implementing interventions or programs,
  • Collecting, processing, studying and evaluating information and data,
  • Creating, organising and operating an electronic information network and
  • Cooperating with the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).

The importance of the role taken up by the NAAC is made evident by the existence and establishment of the National Committee, which is convened by the President of the Republic of Cyprus(who is also its chairman), and consists of the Ministers of Health, Internal Affairs, Justice and Public Order, Education and Culture, Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, Defense and Finance.

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