Treatment aims at overcoming the addiction, improving quality of life and a complete rehabilitation and reintegration into a normal social and economical life.

An effective addiciton treatment can take different forms and can include various services, all of which aim at the management of drug adddiciton, drug related harm reduction and rehabilitation of the person.

The concept of a “standard” treatment approach does not apply, as there is no single effective treatment that would help everyone – there is no “magic solution”.

Some people who face drug use issues choose total abstinence and others opt for a more gradual, step-by-step approach. Depending on the individual needs, treatment continuum provides various options which are effective, safe and viable both for the drug users and their families.

The Cyprus Anti-Drugs Council (CAC), as provided in the Law 128(I)/2000, accredits all prevention and treatment programs which are provided by both governmental and non-governmental, as well as the private sector, which are being submitted to the CAC in a structured form. In addition, where possible, the CAC also subsidizes programmes which have added value and are considered best practice

For the accreditation and subsidy forms and procedures click here.

In Cyprus there are various types of treatment services which are provided both to drug users and their families. To see all the accredited treatment programmes click here (in greek).

For more information regarding treatment, go to the our website asknow – ask to know”, which was designed specifically for those facing drug problems, their friends and families, and where you can directly contact anonymously professionals, which will answer your questions regarding drug treatment in Cyprus.