Cyprus Anti-drugs Council and Prevention

Prevention in the field of addictions relates to interventions aiming to identify, control or remove causes that may lead to substance dependence, being licit or illicit substances, as well as other related behaviours.

Prevention programmes mainly aim to:

  • Reinforce individuals who haven’t used substances in their lifetime to abstain from using substances in the future.
  • To help those individuals who have used (first time or occasional users) substances to cease use and to maintain abstinence in the future.
  • To prevent the onset or dependency from other behaviours, including gambling and internet addiction.

Prevention of substance use can be distinguished/implemented at various levels or strategies, ranging from universal prevention addressing society as a whole (environmental prevention) to prevention targeting high risk individuals (indicative prevention). Incorporating the various prevention levels based on the level of vulnerability of each target group, poses the greatest challenge for prevention policies (Denzon, 2007), as well as ensuring scientific documentation of interventions and sufficient population coverage.

Environmental Strategies
Universal prevention
Selective prevention
Indicative prevention
Preventive services network in Cyprus
Prevention programmes in Cyprus
Protocol of cooperation for the referral of young offenders to the mental health service treatment centers