Frequently Asked Questions

The misuse of psychoactive substances is a complex challenge. Even if the total number of people dealing with a serious problem of dependency is small compared to other illness, substance misuse affects many more people, including the users, their families and friends, as well as their community as a whole.

In this page you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to substance misuse as well as questions concerning the CAC’s responsibilities and services.

In case you wish to ask questions specific to treatment you may visit, where besides the section with the frequently asked questions, you can also ask online a health care professional (medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist)  about any concerning subject.

What is treatment for substance dependence?
Who applies for substance dependence treatment?
Who can be defined as a “typical” substance user?
Why should treatment be provided to substance dependent individuals?
Why do substance dependent individuals need to receive treatment and cannot achieve abstinence on their own?
Which are the difficulties that usually diminish retention to treatment?
What does the Cyprus Anti-drugs Council provide for dependent substance users who do not yet receive treatment?
Licit substances (codeine based analgesia) similarly to other non prescribed treatment can cause a serious dependency issue. What does the Cyprus Anti-drugs Council do about it?
Alcohol and alcohol dependence is a serious issue- What does the C.A.C do or plan for encountering alcohol dependence?