National Drugs Policy and Alcohol Policy

The Cyprus Antidrug Council is the supreme coordinating body in the field of addictions, responsible for the development of the national policy for drugs and dependence. Within its primary responsibilities and working closely with all national government and non-government institutions, the CAC is primarily responsible for the development of the national strategy and action plan on drugs and other addictive/psychoactive substances, and to promote, monitor and control its implementation.

Within the framework of its responsibilities, the CAC has developed the New National Drugs Strategy 2013-2020 which was endorsed in January 2013.

The National Strategy for encountering dependence from illicit substances and the harmful use of alcohol 2013-2020, comprises the basic policy document for substance dependence and provides guidance for the government’s actions and initiatives for the next eight years. The new strategy adopts a comprehensive and global policy approach, which succeeds the National Drugs Strategy 2009-2012, aiming to shape the existing framework, provide policy guidance and thus coordinate local agencies in carrying out actions in the field of addictions, for licit and illicit substances. Moreover, the strategy aims to reinforce, strengthen and expand international partnerships. Therefore, the policy promotes measures and interventions based on scientifically proven practices that utilize human and financial resources in an effective manner.

Crucially, the new National Drugs Strategy 2013-2020 seeks to change the public opinion of substance dependence in Cyprus, paying foremost attention to the person and thus counteracting the mass efforts to respond to public health challenges imposed by the recent financial crisis.

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National Policy

National Strategy for the years 2013-2020