Programme Operational Licensing and Financial Support

Programme Operational Accreditation

The Cyprus Anti-drugs Council announces that according to Law 128(I)/2000, all prevention and treatment programmes in the field of substance dependence from the government, non-government, voluntary and private sector should be submitted to the CAC for granting operational licensing.

Following the Board of Directors’ decision all documents related to programme approval can be submitted to the CAC throughout the whole year.

Guidelines for programme application submission

In order for programmes to receive license to operate from CAC they need to follow the prevention and treatment guidelines that are set out by the National Strategy.

More specifically, the Prevention Manual proposes a series of guidelines, best practices and criteria for the operation of prevention programmes in Cyprus, so as to enable the process of licensing by the CAC. The  Prevention Manual is only available in greek.

Programme application instructions
Lisenced Prevention Programmes
Financial Grants Application forms 2016
Accredited Prevention Programmes
Licensed treatment programmes

Financial Grants

The Cyprus Anti-drugs Council offers annual financial grants to prevention, treatment, social reintegration and harm reduction programmes in accordance with the National Strategy for encountering dependence from illicit substances and harmful use of alcohol.

The services that do receive financial support are expected to sign a contract, by which they committed to carry out the programmes as outlined in the application forms submitted.

Financial Grants Application forms 2016

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