Information Leaflets

  1. National Strategy for illicit substances and the harmful use of alcohol 2013-2020: Priorities, Action Plan across five pillars: Prevention, Treatment and Social Reintegration, Harm Reduction, Supply Control & Regulation and International Relations
  2. CAC National Reports: A summary of actions carried out by all the relevant stakeholders according to the National Strategy’s Action Plan, submitted to the Parliament once a year.
  3. National report by the Monitoring & Documentation Department: Annual Report to EMCDDA, a national drug situation.
  4. Annual Reports of the EMCDDA
  5. Drug related information and data:
  6. Treatment Guide: this publication provides information on all available treatment services across Cyprus. The guide is available in Greek, English, Russian, and Arabic.
  7. Professionals in the Field of Addictions
    So as to ensure the provision of high quality services, the CAC has published Treatment Guidelines, which includes the basic principles and good practices that services should adopt.
  8. Parents & Prevention: this aims to provide important information to parents as regards their parental role and contributing protective factors including prevention programmes they could attend to so as to reinforce their parental skills.
  9.  Parents & Schools- what you should know

Parents and schools may both be a significant contributing factor as regards to prevention in young people’s lives. The aim of the leaflet is to provide important information on various aspects as regards to the parental role, as well as provide information on existing mechanisms within the educational system that facilitate treatment or care for those students who deal with substance use related problems.  

  1. Alcohol Leaflet: “What I should know about Alcohol” includes general information as regards to alcohol related harm,  alcohol and legislation in Cyprus, myths and facts, tips for sensible drinking and available treatment programmes
  2. Glossary of most frequently used definitions for illicit substances and alcohol: includes most frequently used definitions which were selected through a literature review. The glossary aims to create a common framework of definition reference and to ensure the use of a common scientific language on a national level in the field of substance use
  3. The phenomenon of illicit substances and alcohol in Cyprus: a brief on data in Cyprus as regards to illicit substances and alcohol based on the following indicators:

            For illicit substances-  the General population Survey (GPS) key indicator, ESPAD Survey (Hibel et al., 2012);     Treatment Demand Key Indicator (TDI), Problem Drug Use (PDU) key    indicator, Drug related deaths and         mortality among drug users (DRD) key indicator, Drug  related Crime, drug markets and supply reduction indicator.

            For Alcohol- Treatment Demand Key Indicator (TDI), ESPAD Survey (Hibel et al., 2012),   the General       population Survey (GPS) indicator, Delinquency indicator, Alcohol and traffic accident related deaths indicator, Somatic symptoms indicator.

  1. Women
    Εxperts’ opinions on available responses to women drug users: this publication records expert’s opinions across the EU as regards to available interventions for women drug users, as well as evidence based on scientific literature.  
  2. Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Cannabis, New Synthetic drugs: These informational leaflets were developed for adolescents and young people. They provide information on the effects of the various substances; substance related harm as well as risks entailed with polydrug use including alcohol, and information on how to protect from infectious diseases (e.g. HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis). 
  3. A Guide for Social Reintegration Services: this publication records all available social reintegration services that are provided by governmental and non governmental services in Cyprus, for individuals who wish to seek empolyment and  training   or receive information on available opportunities.
  1. A Good Practice Manual for the Media: the good practice manual was developed through a common initiative with the Union of Cyprus Journalists, not so much to guide professionals in the media sector, but to provide a tool of  how to objectively deliver substance related information, visually and in writing, based on scientifically proven good practices.
  1. A guide on how to promote and develop European Programmes:

Taking into consideration the current financial situation and the continuous changes in financial grants by the EU, CAC has developed the guide so as to offer relevant stakeholders with information on available European Programmes in the field of addictions.  

  1. A notebook for National Guard: the notebook was developed for all national guards

The notebook, which resulted through a collaboration between the CAC, the National Guard and OPAP, is addressed to all new recruits in the National Guard, and constitutes a useful tool, in which the national guard can find a survival guide with daily objects, basic road safety information, as well as useful contact numbers for information and support help lines.